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Special Dampers for GT- plants

Non standard damper applications for combined cycle power stations.

RAUMAG JANICH engineers solutions for extraordinary operating conditions.

Depicted below, a ew typical cases are presented. In view of our extensive experience we feel able to come up with reliable solutions for your non standard damper applications as well.



Tandem & louver dampers for shut off and reliable modulation of turbine exhaust gas.

Ten of the depicted dampers were supplied to SIEMENS for their project 533 – “SNOVIT ”, the largest liquid natural gas plant in the world.


Stack caps

Stack dampers

Stack dampers for circular and rectangular ducts and for any dimensions. When duct pressure reaches or exceeds a certain preset level, the dampers open and provide automatic pressure relief. When closed, entry of rainwater is prevented and led away through drains. Stack dampers may be lagged or equipped with ice preventing heating devices.


Modulation systems

Shut off and modulation systems

Shut  off and modulation dampers, ND 600 x 17500 mm, for combined cycle power station. The integral WHSG bypass of the gas turbine can be modulated as well as completely shut by means of this damper.

By application  of the new, patented, lattice supported single shell design the blade span of 17500 mm poses no problem. The blades are made up of 17500 mm long latticed girders upon which the free floating diaphragm plates are fitted.

The NICROFLEX – HIPERFORM  DBP seals (depicted on the right ) guarantee due to their high resilience the tightness of the closed blades .On the other hand, the seals rigidity  permits gas flow modulation up to very high velocities. The dampers operate at temperatures of up to 700 degrees C. Even at such temperatures no distortion of the blades has been observed.


Blanking plate

Guillotine dampers

Guillotine dampers with or without enclosing bonnets
Guillotine with internal insulation for gas turbine plant.
During normal plant operation the insertable damper blade rests outside the duct and its seals are accessible for inspection. Equipped with double seals and seal air, 100% tightness (man safe) is accomplished.


4-way dampers

4–way damper, ND 2500 mm dia., for a Diesel generator plant. Design temperature 500 degrees C. Made of stainless steel. Two of the pneumatic actuators are mechanically linked and incorporate a spring operated fail safe device