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Telescope Covers

 With it’s second department RAUMAG – JANICH is also an established supplier of telescopic steel covers for all kind of machine tools and guide beds. Already since 1970 the departmental staff has been involved in this specialized line of engineering .The nearly unlimited scope and adaptability of our CNC controlled sheet metal fabrication unit enables us to produce almost any geometrical shape. Together with  precision formed parts and complemented with high grade seals, gliders, rolls and absorbers the  RAUMAG telescopic covers are made up into a high quality product.
 It provides the best possible protection for machine tools against metal cuttings, coolants, swarf , dirt and mechanical damage. A new resilient absorber development permits travelling velocities of up to 60 m / min.

Our CNC controlled fabrication machinery guarantees  high dimensional accuracy of each component, hence later exchangeability of individual wear parts.

References: Moreover, since 1970, telescopic steel covers of different shapes and for a wide variety of applications have been designed and manufactured and are in world wide service .
RAUMAG – JANICH Systemtechnik is a supplier  to all important manufacturers of machine tools.

Please enquire and obtain  a reference list for the kind of equipment you are interested in.

RAUMAG JANICH developed high class technical and reliable solutions:

Specific wipers
Reliable guide elements
Rugged connectors
Various guides and absorbers permitting high travelling velocities
Telescopic steel covers for beds and guide ways of machine tools


bed cover

cross-rail cover

telescopic steel cover (bed) for Toshiba /Japan
width of the cover: 5000 mm;
stroke: 11500 mm

Waldrich Coburg,
bed cover

Waldrich Coburg machine in the USA (bed covers, vertical covers and cross rail covers)
width of the bed cover : 4870 mm ; stroke: 6800 mm

telescopic steel cover (bed) for Toshiba /Japan
width of the cover: 4650 mm;
stroke: 13000 mm

telescopic covers for UNION – boring machine tool

telescopic steel cover (bed) – Waldrich Coburg

tandem – telescopic steel covers (bed) for Waldrich Coburg machine
stroke: 23000 mm