RAUMAG JANICH is one of the leading designers and suppliers of flue gas shut off and modulation systems with extensive experience accumulated during many years of activity and a wide variety of different applications.

Founded in Essen in 1952, initially as a technical trading enterprise, our associated company JANICH Spezialarmaturen UG & Co, Beckum,  started to develop and design equipment for the total shut off, rerouting and /or modulation of flue gas.

In 1970 Mr. H. J. Janich assumed direction and control of the company. At that time, working in close cooperation with prominent engineering contractors and process plant operators, a number of industry influencing designs, for example tandem dampers, diverters, sickle isolators, guillotine dampers, the NICROFLEX sealing system etc. were introduced into the market.

In 1992 the active business operation was transferred to RAUMAG JANICH Systemtechnik UG. Building on this wealth of experience and ensuing world wide contacts we have since been able to acquire a significant competitive edge by introducing further innovations into the market which have secured us the support and goodwill of our customers.

Worldwide references, patents and licence agreements underscore our technical competence.

Our dampers are in service in power stations, flue gas desulphurisation & and denitrification plants, combined cycle power plants, garbage incinerating plants, cement & steel plants, as well as other industrial process plants all over the world.

Our engineers  accomplish their work with the aid of the most modern, computer supported methods. We are using cumputer programs suitable for current standards – Autocad Inventor, Solid Works and others.

And last not least, RAUMAG JANICH  possesses excellent fabrication potential. CNC controlled machine tools, qualified welding technology based upon the certificate of competency, generous production space and very important, a staff of qualified artisans enables us to fabricate economically, yet to a high standard of quality and accuracy.

If required, we also manufacture in other countries with approved subcontractors, yet with our own quality control. We can  delegate an erection supervisor to make sure that everything will be set upped according request. Our service department takes care of comprehensive maintenance of supplied equipment.

Since April 2014 Raumag Janich was incorporated to MARTECH-GROUP. From this time management office and production plant are in Poland. We have sales representative in Germany too. All export is going through Martech Plus, which is leader of the MARTECH-GROUP.

All products from Raumag Janich are according to Raumag Janich’s documentation and patents. Our production plants in Poland have appropriate certificates for manufacturing and welding. The Management Systems Certification Bureau of Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. certifies that the Integrated Management System Including Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety System of the above organization has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirements of:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018

All of above standards of quality have been recertified to in 2020 and they are valid to 25.06.2021.

RAUMAG JANICH is one of the 100 most innovative mediumsized enterprises in Germany
Certificate Martech-Plus
2007- 15 Years RAUMAG-JANICH