Diverter damper with special sealing

Basic data:

Plant: Combined cycle power station
Country: Austria
Investor: BABCOCK POWER AE – Graz
Dimensions: 5020 x 4640 mm

Diverter damper with special sealing
Diverter damper with special sealing


The diverter was needed for the combined cycle power station at LINZ, AUSTRIA. The structure should be resilient and tight during extremely high temperatures and high pressure differentials.


We applied not only lattice structure reinforced damper blade (more on such design in diverter damper with lattice structure), but also internal insulation and seals NICROFLEX – HIPERFORM, DBP to the blades.


The lattice structure prevents heat distortions and reduces the weight of the product. The newly designed seal structure let the hermetical shut off be achieved thanks to its high resilience. It retains its stability in uncompressed condition, which prevents the danger of destruction due to vibrations caused by induced vibrations in the modulating mode.