Diverter dampers

Basic data:

Plant: FGD plants
Country: Turkey
Investor: BABCOCK BORSIG POWER – Austrian ENergy
Dimensions: 4000×5000 mm

Diverter dampers
Diverter dampers


Supply of all required modulation and shut-off dampers for boilers 3 & 4 of the CAYIRHAN power station. The specific dampers must meet the most stringent accident prevention regulations (U V V), making gas leakage impossible.


Among all necessary dampers there were two diverter dampers. During manufacturing we used double seals type Nicroflex MLS in combination with seal air. The diverter dampers are equipped with hydraulic actuation systems in combination with a Siemens SP- control.


The diverters direct the boiler flue gas towards the FGD plant, or, via a bypass duct, towards the stack. The actuation and control systems enable infinitely adjustable variation of the opening and closing characteristics. Thanks to Nicroflex MLS both gas ducts may be sealed off with 100% tightness.