Double louver damper

Basic data:

Plant: Power station
Country: Germany
Investor: RWE- STEAG AG, Essen
Dimensions:  6780 x 5390 mm x 2400 mm

Double louver damper
Double louver damper


RAUMAG – JANICH secured an order from RWE- STEAG AG, Essen, on behalf of their powerstation at Voerde, for the supply of two double louver dampers, ND 6780 x 5390 mm, as a replacement of two existing dampers of another supplier. The existing dampers were equipped with a multitude of blades, internal bearings, ceramic sealing strips and tapered seal landing bars. The Customer wished to improve operation and sealing efficiency.


We replaced previous dampers with new louvre dampers with eccentrically supported, full span blades and the metal elastic NICROFLEX sealing system.


The support of the blades made them easier to operate, as expected. Moreover, equipped seals provide 100% shut off according to UVV regulations.