Gas deficiency safety valve

Basic data:

Plant: Blast Furnace
Country: Germany
Investor: ALSTOM POWER BOILER, Stuttgart
Dimensions: 3000 (mm)

Gas deficiency safety valve
Gas deficiency safety valve


The main aim was to secure the supply of all shut off and modulation dampers required for the blast furnace gas fired boiler unit 4 of the Mittelsbühren powerstation. The closing of the gas deficiency safety valve has to be fast and smooth to prevent further complications during power failure.


We included in the order gas deficiency valve hydraulic actuator for valve opening and two counterweight arrangements. The actuator is equipped with a Siemens SP control system.


In the event of power failure or a loss of pressure in the gas supply main the valve can be closed within 5 seconds. In “ closed “ position, the sealing element fitted to the valve disc is brought into tight contact with a double landing bar in the casing. The cavity created in this position is pressurized by nitrogen.