Tandem dampers

Basic data:

Plant: FGD Plant
Country: Poland
Investor: LURGI – SMS, Denmark
Dimensions: 6000 x 8000 mm, 8000 x 5000 mm, 3070 x 2790 mm

Tandem dampers
Tandem dampers


RAUMAG – JANICH negotiated a contract with LURGI – SMS, Denmark, for the design and supply of all necessary shut off and modulation dampers for the FGD plant of the Dolna Odra powerstation.


We created all the tandem dampers using stainless steel. All of their blades are open and hollow.  Seals fitted throughout were of the patented NICROFLEX – HIPERFORM type.


The design reduces the cross damper pressure drop quite considerably. The choice of the resilient seals in combination with seal air make the dampers 100% gastight according to  the UVV regulations.