Basic data:

Plant: Off-Shore Gas turbine Flue Gas
Country: Norway
Investor: ALSTOM Power Norway AS
Dimensions: 2400 x 2400 mm


ALSTOM Power Norway AS needed 3 diverters for service at off-shore gas turbine plants. They should be applicable for shut off in both end positions as well as for gas volume modulation purposes.


We equipped the diverters with a special hydraulic system with an accumulator. Double seals of the proven NICROFLEX – HIPERFORM, DBPa type are provided for both end positions. We reinforced the damper blade with a new lattice structure.


Hydraulic system renders emergency operation in case of a power failure. Chosen seals provide great resilience of the system, and when used for gas flow modulation, its stability. The reinforcement of the blade not only reduces the costs of the maintenance of the equipment, but also prevents its distortion during high and rapidly fluctuating temperatures.