Flap damper

Product features:

  • Round or rectangular configuration
  • Different sizes
  • Custom solution under our client requirements
  • With electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual actuator
  • Function: regulating and isolating
  • It can reroute and shut off the flue gas flow during for ex. Denitrification and desulphurization
  • Flap damper for circular ducts are two-bladed in their construction for geometric reasons. The damper blades swing towards the centre of the duct.
  • Flap damper for rectangular ducts swing as a rule into a recess in the duct wall.
  • Tightness according to request: from 95-100%
  • 100% tightness ensured by sealing air system
  • Nicroflex-hiperform sealing system
  • Temperature resistance up to 600°c
  • Operating pressure up to 0,5 bar
  • Multitude of application worldwide, e.g. FGD and deNOx plants, power plants


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